The Team

Name: Matty
Subject: Technology
Quote of the day: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get.
I am the technology boff. I enjoy learning new technology and understanding how things work. When I look at something I all ways try to think about its complexity in how things work, why it works and could it be improved. Ive been in the Technology game for over 15 years now, starting off in IT and now a computer programmer full time. I keep up to date with news feeds from a number of difference places, which allows me to be ahead of the game when it comes to reviewing technology things

Name: Terry
Subject: Business
Quote of the day: There is no forgiveness in nature
I enjoy Business related articles and keeping up to date in this subject. I have over 20 years experience owning my own company. Like the many people on dragons den – I have setup and currently working for my own business, turning over £500k in the 1st year. Giving Tips, inspiring the younger generation is something that we should all do in time. I offer my services on this website in a way that nobody else would. Keeping up to date in Business related subjects is something that i enjoy doing very much. I hope that I inspire you.

Name: Sarah
Subject: Sports
Quote of the day: If in doubt try try again
Hi my name is Sarah I live in Wales, I am a PE teacher and live/dream sports. My experience as a PE teacher has allowed me to contribute to websites such as this one. I will keep everybody updated with sports such as tennis, gold football, hockey, swimming. Best of all my favorite is the Olympics. I love rowing so I really do keep an eye out on this one. I am 28 years old and come from a good background. I enjoy teaching because it gives students the chance to be involved in such activities. You never know there may be an Olympian in one of my classes…

Name: David
Subject: Politics
Quote of the day: Ill be back
Hi My name is david, I am 23 years old. I am currently at university studying politics and hoping to make it into one of the parties (not too which one yet) I have some years left to go. I love politics and love to keep up to date. Hence I guess why i enjoy writing about it on this website.