Drones could be used to carry passengers in transport


Yes thats right guys and gals.  The 1st ever passenger drone.  For Public use and not for the MOD.  This little device will set you back approx $200,000 – $300,000 Dollors.  Wouldnt it be amazing, no traffic, no speeding fines, no traffic lights, no annoying people undertaking you or raising their fists at you for something that they have done wrong.   A Stress Free ride to and from work (only a maximum of 20 mins away) but the best of all, no polution.

This company has spent several hundred million pounds on developing this prototype.   They say that they have tested it with a human in, they have tested it with long flying distances.   One of the problems that it encounters is that the battery life isnt so good.  So until battery technology becomes more efficient I dont think we will be seeing this in the next year or so.

This drone can be charged in 2 hours, and can carry up to 100kg, a human and a backpack so they say.   It was featured on the gadget show in Las Vegas some time ago which people really took off to this.  if I won the lottery id sure to be getting on of these!

They have developed it with only 2 voice commands, take off and land.   What about the other words used to describe a situation when your tumbling out of the sky becuase all 4 motors have stopped working.   May be they should include some kind of parashoot has a backup.  It would have to be pritty strong to hold up this drone.

So there yo u have it, a passenger drone to be released god knows when.  We will keep you updated just incase you see a UFO in the next year or so.

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