How did the UK get on in the Rio Olympics 2016


So the Rio Olympics has been and gone very quickly indeed.  There was some amazing acts, people and everybody seemed to really enjoy themselves.  One of my favorite was the womens 10m air rifle.   Was very interesting to watch and some of the candidates were excellent.

Andy Murry really kicked some when he won (again) the mens Olympic singles title.  He played very welle especially in the heat that they played in. Boxing was just another one of my favourites.  I kept my eye on Joe Joyce through out every match and he played exceptionally well.  Well done Joe.   The semi finals was very exciting as he nearly beet his opponent in the 3rd round by a KO.

Rowing was another sport that team GB seemed to do well in.  Thanks to Mahe he got a gold in the singles.  Charlie in the mens 1500m was very exciting to watch as he was nearly beaten but came back with fly avengence to take the lead and win a gold.  Good old boy 🙂

Team GB came out with about 28 gold medals, I think this is the best that Team GB has done for years.  Thanks to the hard work of all our athlets, they must have enjoyed it being there and collecting all the rewards.  The hard work that they put in, the endless hours in training, what ever the event they all seemed to pull together and make it the best olympics we have had for over a decade.

Lets see how we do in the 2020 Olymics i believe is in Japan.

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